The laboratory can offer a range of services to test the safety of your goods and help control the use of chemicals according to the tolerance levels in place for your industry.

The laboratory perform chemical permeation testing according to EN 16523-1 & EN 16523-2, ISO 6529, ASTM F739, EN 374-3 standards. We can test various gases and a wide range of liquid chemicals, including most organic or inorganic liquids, mixtures and commercial formulations.

We perform chemical permeation testing against majority of the chemicals required by standards EN 374-1 or EN ISO 374-1 along with many other substances & mixtures, depending on their chemical properties and formulation. 

Our testing is performed using a variety of techniques including infrared spectroscopy, electrical conductivity and ion selective electrodes. We are always working towards implementation of more robust detection techniques.

We have undertaken several bespoke contracts using our state of the art equipment and our expertise, including many commercial formulations, e.g. petroleum-based products, aviation additives, disinfectants, cleaning agents and so on.

Physical property testing available at the laboratory to majority of the clauses listed in EN 14325 includes abrasion resistance to EN 530, EN ISO 12947, flex cracking resistance to EN ISO 7854, puncture resistance EN 836, tensile strength EN ISO 13934, seam tensile strength EN ISO 13935 and trapezoidal tear resistance to EN ISO 9073.

Also EN ISO 374-4 degradation testing against various chemicals.

Chemical Permeation Testing
Physical Material Testing